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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Trades: 21 July 2015, Tuesday, 11.15pm Singapore Time

Trades: 21 July 2015, Tuesday, 11.15pm Singapore Time

Trainee's Trades.
Yet another trainee on the road of success.
This is from a senior graduate. She made +$2428 SGD in a single day today. Attached is one of her charts for your learning.
Today is a bazooka day. 

Just a note, this trainee has already made close to 20 folds (20x) her course fees since graduating from DNA Elite Course for those who truly desire and seek success.

She wouldn't let me reveal her trades as all the profit targets are not met yet.
Congrats anyway. You are fishing independently. 
I will be upgrading some of the good ones from the junior graduates platform forum to the senior graduate forums some time.


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