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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

US Steel Group Inc (NYSE: X): 2 December 2020


Technicals of US Steel Grp Inc (NYSE: X):
2 December 2020
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Janet Yellen is most likely to be employing fiscal policy maximus in 2021 when she takes over as treasury secretary. The signs are getting stronger and stronger based on initial movement in the market. And this is just the start only. The former FED chief will likely work very well with the current FED chief to bring US to the next level up. She will boost up G within the GDP formula. As explained in detail some time ago, infrastructure development is the best way to bring US straight up like a furious bull, and jump-start employment, post-covid era. Already US Industrial Metal stocks are the strongest commodity group among all the commodities (please do cross-reference to the illustrations on my FB Wall as well, everything is triangulating).

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:


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