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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Updated Technicals on Gold: 20 November 2019, Wednesday

Updated Technicals on Gold:
20 November 2019, Wednesday
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Attached is the Updated Technicals on Gold. This has extremely important implication for all Gold Stocks, SPDR Gold ETFs, Gold Miners and anything related to precious metals. The 2 orange circled zones are zones of massive re-accumulation. The dy/dx = z of the first breakup resulted in where we are now (dark black parallel trajectories). Gold is preparing for next major upwave which will hit a target of guaranteed $1850 per ounce (refer technicals and study in detail). This upmove will be a repeated pattern except that it will be sharper with a dy/dx = w. The gradient w will bring Gold to a measured $1850 in this immediate wave (my longer term wave is a guaranteed >$2000 an ounce). The blue zone is where the dy/dx = z is extremely close to completion brewing for next dy/dx = w that will bring Gold to $1850.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Bullish short term, mid term and long term -- all 3 time frames.


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