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Monday, 30 September 2019

Cryptocurrency Litecoin: 30 September 2019, Monday

Cryptocurrency Litecoin: 
30 September 2019, Monday
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Attached is the Technicals for the Litecoin Cryptocurrency -- yet another Cryptocurrency in high bearish state right now suggesting the end for cryptocurrencies. This is in tune with smart monies shorting cryptocurrencies per funds flow theory. This is in tune with all important Market-Makers not obstructing big monies, per funds flow theory too. Taken as aggregate, this explains why Cryptocurrencies' plunge had been so smooth-sailing. This is in tune with my preempted bearish analysis on bitcoins when bitcoins were above $10,000. Now bitcoins have plunged more than -20% to below $8000 in 1.5 weeks after my forewarning. The Litecoin red circled region executed recently is a confirmation of the huge resistance backtest confirmation in orange. The projection down is illustrated by grey arrows. Highly Bearish.

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