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Friday, 16 August 2019

General Electric (NYSE: GE): 16 August 2019, Friday, 12.20am Singapore Time

General Electric (NYSE: GE): 
16 August 2019, Friday, 12.20am Singapore Time
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Attached is the updated Technicals on General Electric (NYSE: GE). Following my Funds Flow calculations that smart monies were selling and shorting GE long term in early 2018, GE is collapsing in prices again now. After the huge re-distribution above the neckline, the price satisfaction of the entire price structure can be derived as illustrated on chart now -- this would be in the range of $1+ as target price, right in sync to my $1.00 target price as postulated last year. One should still hold on to one's GE Shorts to hedge one's portfolio of longs/buys investment. As reiterated and maintained, this short-selling trade has got to be the best hedge for one's portfolio of longs/investments. 

Previous Funds Flow Analysis of General Electric:

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