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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Technicals of Lear Corp (NYSE: LEA): 27 July 2019, Saturday

Technicals of Lear Corp (NYSE: LEA):
27 July 2019, Saturday
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Attached is the Technicals of Lear Corp, an auto parts company that is listed in the NYSE.
This is another example of companies that are hurt badly by Trump's trade policies. Bump and Run lines are illustrated in black. First red circled region is where confirmation of end of bump operations ended. Dumping phase is technically illustrated by 2nd red arrow as shown on chart. The light-orange circled region is where end of bump and run distribution occurred, based on technicals and volume flow. This would be followed by large downtrend in price actions. The dark brown circled region is where backtest of support-turned-resistance confirms much more bearish move down to come for this company (we can expect more bearish corporate results to come for this company). The series of volume flow as illustrated will triple confirm that there will be more bearish moves by smart monies on Lear Corp. This would make for a great short-sell stock to protect (hedge) one's portfolio of longs investments/holdings.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:


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