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Monday, 15 April 2019

Crude Oil (WTIC Oil): 15 April 2019, Monday

Crude Oil (WTIC Oil):
15 April 2019, Monday
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Attached is the follow-up Technicals on Crude Oil (WTI Oil). Following my previous live analyses (refer to past track records on analysis site), my followers are now sitting on an average of 【+700 pips of profits】 per contract, and this is just the early phase of jackpot. The green circled region is my live analyses forewarning that crude oil had been bought up by the best hunters in the financial arena and that market makers were joining in (Funds Flow of Special Market Makers all over the world taught to funds flow specialists).  Crude oil is currently maintaining its strong uptrend and developing bullish divergence even during healthy pullback.
【All Crude Oil Stocks to be highly bullish postured for 2H-2019. 】

The Donovan Norfolk Rating:
Bullish Bias
(Commodities, Energy, Crude Oil to experience buying pressure on every dip; every dip is a buying opportunity)

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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