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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

US Dollar: 16 September 2014, Tuesday, 8.40pm Singapore Time

US Dollar: 16 September 2014, Tuesday, 8.40pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the US Dollar Index Monthly Chart.
US Dollar has confirmed its short term, mid term, long term and very long term secular bull market in price structure. The USD will rally for its first monthly-chart RSI overbuy position for the first time since Year 2000, i.e. the first time since the past 14 years. 

US Dollar will be executing its secular bull market and multi-decade secular reversal to bull as warned earlier: 

This is all coming sooner than what majority would had expected.
Read the above attached link in detail for what is happening and the implications.

Many stocks-equities investors, leveraged property investors and financial market investors, especially those in Asia, will suffer major wealth destruction during the secular reversal of Greenspan-Bernanke financial market tide as documented in detail here:

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1 comment:

  1. So as USD strengthens, and GOLD is nearing 1200, does your view of it going to 1550 level still valid? Or from your view, how low will Gold goes before a rebound to 1550 and bearish from there?