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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Silver: 27 July 2014, Sunday, 11.15am Singapore Time

Silver: 27 July 2014, Sunday, 11.15am Singapore Time

Break up in Silver against the RED powerful resistances; 
Multiple supports on Silver offered now by the RED resistance-turned-supports and BLACK supports.
Just like Gold, Silver will rally from the 2000 point ($20.00) mark towards 3000 points ($30.00).

Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Bullish on Silver
(Buy on dips)

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  1. hi Mr. Ang, I wish to ask your professional advice on Gold and Silver, XAUUSD… from the Friday closing (1st Aug), do you see more selling from the rebound or there is a reversal trend starting, what level to you see. Thanks

  2. I am bullish of Gold, Silver and XAUUSD until my targets as mentioned previously are hit. Downside is limited for now. Gold and Silver have to execute a significant dead cat bounce in 2014/2015 to hit my targets of 1550 and 30.00 respectively before resuming their secular bear market.