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Friday, 25 October 2013

FKLI Index: 25 October 2013, Friday, 12.15pm Singapore Time

Malaysia FKLI Index: 25 October 2013, Friday, 12.15pm Singapore Time

After going up bullishly for the past few weeks as per expected, Malaysia is entering a reversal soon.

As illustrated, Malaysian FKLI is ripe for shorting at 1817.5 to 1820 points today (current 1817.5 points), 
per said since this morning. Now it's afternoon time.

This correction in Malaysia will last 1 week-2 weeks, for weak holders to throw their trades/investments and for big hands to take over the buys at cheaper prices.
(Many people in Malaysia are buying at the wrong time currently; market is preparing to whip them downwards using a short-term correction within a mid-term uptrend. Healthy mid-term up-move needs a short-term healthy rest)

This is short-term healthy correction within a mid-term relief rally for Malaysia.

(Note: not all stocks need to correct together with index as this is a mid-term relief rally)

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