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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: 26 February 2013, Tuesday, 7.32am Singapore Time


Dow Jones Industrial Index nose-dived sharply with -216 points;
Futures wise,
Italy MIB is -536 points (-3.28%) currently;
Spanish IBEX is -255 points (-3.11%) currently;
French CAC40 is -103 points (-2.71%) while the strong German DAX is -125 points (-1.61%);
UK FTSE 100 is -102 points (-1.6%);
Australian ASX is -73 points (-1.46%) while Japanese Nikkei 225 futures is a sharp -338 points (-2.9%);

Hang Seng futures plunged -354 points (-1.55%) currently. Singapore Straits Times Index is set to open with a sharp gap down of -40 points or -1.37% at the open.

US dragging Europe down and causing entire Asia to open with sharp gap-downs at the open. 
All these were pre-warned 5 hours before they started to happen and 10 hours before they fully happened.

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