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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Bitcoin Derivatives to be launched in NASDAQ and what does it mean?

Bitcoin Derivatives to be launched in NASDAQ and what does it mean?

With all these launch of bitcoin derivatives in NASDAQ and CME, bitcoin WILL NOT crash in the next 1-3 years. Most likely 10,000-20,000 point area ($10,000-$20,000 area @ $1-$10 per point) will be used for shorting. Shorts will start accumulating in Wall Street while they support bitcoin prices in the physical bitcoin market.

We will start to see convincing stories being spun to support bitcoins, and how non-believers will start to believe in them but join in the shorts firing squad and prepare for collecting shorts. We will also hear even more stories of how bitcoins will change the future of payment systems. This is to facilitate for shorting as the next stage.

This is becoming lucrative now: to convince a sizable greedy herd to buy bitcoins from the $10,000-$20,000 range set-up, tempting them to speculate longs while shorting these bitcoin derivatives in the NASDAQ, CME and over the counters. Once enough shorts are accumulated, the physical bitcoin market is easy to crash to the core of the earth. The software scripted robots, Willy and Markus, and Spoofy's round robin S.O.P had proven this.

When it is time for shorting, I will make my live trades on bitcoins, but for now, the opera show will see bitcoins consolidate, prepare for NASDAQ listing, and continue to go up to $16,384 for shorting process to start rolling in ($10,000-$16,384 is a set-up process akin to a volley ball set-up before a smack). $16,384 is the next target once $10,000 psychological resistance had been broken up. In exponential terms, as 2^13= $8192 had been hit (my previous target of $8000-$9000 and $10000 respectively hit), 2^14 = $16,384 is the next target for major shorting at the exponential curve. $10,000 point will not trigger any crash from the current exponential curve because of NASDAQ listing. Due to the NASDAQ listing, Wall Street will guarantee that physical bitcoins will not crash for the next 1-3 years counting from December 2017, because bitcoin is a lucrative bubble now. 

Additional Note:

Sept 2013 to Nov 2013: the 2 robots, Willy and Markus, bought in 570000 bitcoins, bitcoins raised from US$200 to US$1000. The same hands exchanged hands and pulled up bitcoin prices, and people thought it is real liquidity.

1H-2017: Spoofy used merely US$60m and 24000 bitcoins to manipulate bitcoin market at its free will. There seems no regulator or watchdog who is able to regulate the frying. Cryptocurrency Bitcoins went up from US$1000 to US$5000 in phoney value. Similar to Willy and Markus, but using round robin. The round robin transfer of hands caused mainly the price change.

2H-2017: Main street starts to get interested in tulips. Prices exist without value existing. Phoney value without any regulator able to do much.


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