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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

GBPUSD: 21 March 2017, Tuesday, 7.17pm Singapore Time

21 March 2017, Tuesday, 7.17pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals for the GBPUSD.
Marked by the green arrow is the point where some forces tried to crash the GBPUSD with overdrive bearishness (using flash crash), thereby turning this to be a major marker for major reversal. The dark-brown trend band of resistance is expected to broken up by the large bullish inverse shoulder-head-shoulder. A breakup of the final pink circle marked by the light blue arrow as "Strong Radar" will cause a sharp spike-up in the GBPUSD. A 1000-pips move is in the brewing. An official confirmation of BREXIT article 50 will spur a mother of short squeeze in the Great British Pound. Bears to be pounded by the Bulls in the British Pound.

DNA Technical Rating:
Bullish Dead Cat Bounce
(Mid-Long Term Bullish Move within Secular Cycle Downtrend)

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